A Tsunami of Leads for Your B2B Business

DemandHigh Floods You with Opportunities Using High-Delivery Cold Email, LinkedIn Prospecting, and Digital Storytelling

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Here's What to Expect

Don't Take it From Us. Here Is What Others Are Saying About Working With DemandHigh.

I was told that cold outreach doesn’t work anymore and I didn’t invest any money in it. A while ago a friend of mine told me that he started working with a new company for lead generation and that it actually is providing good results. I got on a quick call with Demand High and quickly decided to give it a try. We have worked together on finding the best strategy and in a matter of 2 months the results started coming. I highly recommend their team and approach!
Super happy with our decision to engage, and hopefully we will be working and growing together long-term!  Strongly recommended as a service for companies looking for new business!  
Hris and Simo at DemandHigh totally transformed our business. Once their Cold Email and LinkedIn magic started running, my Calendly filled up in just 1 month time...

Would recommend to anyone looking to sell a digital service in the US.

Control in one place

One day, after a troubling visit from the giant Catherine Clifford, Chloe leaves her house and sets out in search of three cosy sausages.

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No More Guesswork when Prospecting

Using a mix of proprietary and industry-leading data sources, we uncover for you your ideal customer who is ready to buy.

Your custom-tailored lead list is yours to keep and you can use it further for retargeting and other marketing channels.

Your Message Landing in the Inbox EVERY TIME

DemandHigh uses state-of-the-art email and LinkedIn setups that both deliver high inbox-rate and protect your brand 100%.

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Messages that GRAB Attention

Using deep research of your industry, customers, and their pain points, we create copy that is unique, engaging, and clearly shows your value.

To keep your brand safe, nothing is sent without your approval first.  

Sequences That CONVERT

Blasting a single message to 1M targets is guaranteed to get you nowhere.  Our well-designed sequences boost your conversions using dogged dedication.

From a list of 2000 contacts, we expect 60 to 200 replies.

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3 Easy Steps to a Tsunami of Leads

A simple process to get us started prospecting, reaching out, and helping you close deals!

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Onboarding Call

You tell us all about your business, your customers, your prospecting goals.

We help you identify their pain points and how to best position your offer.


2 Weeks Preparation

We set up your accounts, warm up your inboxes, dig up comprehensive lead lists and finalize your messaging


Launch and Optimize                      

Aaand liftoff! After launching your campaigns, we dig deep into the performance metrics and optimize your targeting and messaging until your inbox is overflowing with leads.

Some Campaign Results

26+ Booked Meetings Through
Calendly in 28 days

Cold Email Positive Replies in Instantly
176+ in 28 days

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One day, after a troubling visit from the giant Catherine Clifford, Chloe leaves her house and sets out in search of three cosy sausages.

(Un) commonly asked questions.

What does pricing look like?

We charge a monthly fee. These is a minimum commitment of three months, as we find that it takes that long to get the required results and truly optimise campaign performance. After that, there is no long-term lock-in. In some cases, an exception can be made for the 3 month minimum

How long does it take to start?

Onboarding usually takes 2-3 weeks. There is a minimum 2 week period for inbox warm up and preparing the research, ICPs, and copy usually takes an extra week. The first messages should fly out in less than 20 days.

Should I be worried about my brand and domain?

Categorically no! We never send emails from your domain, but use domain look-alikes. For example, tryXYZ.com, weareXYZ.com, etc.

How do I know what you are sending?

No email or LinkedIn message copy is ever sent before passing a review from you. We are thoroughly committed to not only brings leads, but also be cautious with your brand.